Thursday, December 09, 2004

Update on Medicine PGs

Nothing big or new in here. Well except for these rocking facts!!!

  • Raghu is getting into the study groove. He is spending more and more time at the PG hostel's terrace with his books.
  • Shanavas' presentations are getting to be noted by the whole department of Medicine. He regularly dazzles everyone with PowerPoint presentations on one of his various laptops; when the department computer refuses to work!
  • Ajith M. is now staying at the PG's hostel.
  • Shifas Baby has taken a brand new computer. He enjoys the occasional flick with Raghu on the system with its powerpacked audio!
  • KKM is back into his prime-form on the cricket playing field. Gracing us peasants last week, he hit a couple of matchwinning knocks before dishing out a fine display of pacy McGrath-esque bowling!
  • Soumya C. V. is growing a beard these days. Not unexpected, am I not right? [Just kidding! This was to make sure that you would be reading such updates]
  • No information on KrishnaPriya, Deepthi S. etc.
  • Sabarinath is thinking about getting fitter - he has plans to borrow my bicycle when I'm at Mumbai.
  • Our very own 'Chullan' Arun Raj C. N. has decided to publicize his 'Chullan'hood by pasting a label on his room's door - It simply reads 'Chullan'.


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