Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Manju B. gets married

Manju B. got married this past week (December 2004). Very few of our batchmates were invited. I knew about it only after the actual date. More updates later.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Update on Medicine PGs

Nothing big or new in here. Well except for these rocking facts!!!

  • Raghu is getting into the study groove. He is spending more and more time at the PG hostel's terrace with his books.
  • Shanavas' presentations are getting to be noted by the whole department of Medicine. He regularly dazzles everyone with PowerPoint presentations on one of his various laptops; when the department computer refuses to work!
  • Ajith M. is now staying at the PG's hostel.
  • Shifas Baby has taken a brand new computer. He enjoys the occasional flick with Raghu on the system with its powerpacked audio!
  • KKM is back into his prime-form on the cricket playing field. Gracing us peasants last week, he hit a couple of matchwinning knocks before dishing out a fine display of pacy McGrath-esque bowling!
  • Soumya C. V. is growing a beard these days. Not unexpected, am I not right? [Just kidding! This was to make sure that you would be reading such updates]
  • No information on KrishnaPriya, Deepthi S. etc.
  • Sabarinath is thinking about getting fitter - he has plans to borrow my bicycle when I'm at Mumbai.
  • Our very own 'Chullan' Arun Raj C. N. has decided to publicize his 'Chullan'hood by pasting a label on his room's door - It simply reads 'Chullan'.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Deepak goes compu-savvy

Deepak will add another 'e' later this month; he will then be known as e-Deepak. Yes, our gentle-surgeon has taken a home PC and eyeing a cable internet connection. Otherwise, he is very busy with his rotations and is currently posted at the SICU.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Anoop as a chullan

Anoop Sudarsanan is so slim these days, he 'll easily pass for a 'chullan' on Brigade Road in the weekends! He's lost tons of weight and is wearing flat-fronts and snugly fit shirts. Catch his latest look in one of the snaps taken at Chuck's wedding!

Update from Mysore

I was able to catch up with Sudin when he was in Trivandrum in connection with a special screening of the popular film named after him in which Mammooty plays the lead - 'Black'! ;) He is still enjoying his duties as the most responsible First Year Surgery PG in his college.

Meanwhile, Priyesh (who is one year senior to Sudin) is happy to have someone to engage in light-hearted talk in Malayalam during his days at Mysore. They both go for hanging out in the poshest of corners of the city of Mysore in their free time.