Thursday, October 14, 2004

Sujan's latest

Sujan appeared on CNN last week in the Vice Presidential debate on the 5th of October, held at the Case Western University. Here is what he wrote about his life..

I had called Boban yesterday,& after keepin down the phone,I was feelin very happy...I tht abt it & well,it was coz I was speakin malayalam!!Chumma jada parayuvalla kettto...Its when u stay away tht u realize how much u miss ur family,ur lovely med college,ur keralam,ur pranks ,ur mother tongue,& most of all ur FRIENDS!!

I keep thinkin y I miss my college...I feel the bond comes thru the FRIENDS.u have...

wht ya feel guys??

abt news at my place,i m rt now goin thru a f--ed up period,well,initially its a struggle at any foreign place,I guess, coz u got to cook 4 urself,wash ur dishes,bear the chillin cold...& walk 2 ur univ,&grocery stores(how I miss my Yamaha!!) & u wont get to see a mallu around here at my place(ther r lotza desis-mainly hyderabadis,northies,...)

& ther was a navratri garba nite at our univ...I kept up the name of our jango Tvm med coll,I hoaned my dancing skills...& was easily crowned the dancin prince!!(luckily no professional was ther!)..

Chinta, i tried u on ur mob,but it was not reachable,plz gimme ur new mail id...

I m yet to check out the pubs/casinos & discos in cleveland......shd go ther after gettin a car...

US malayalikaleeee...,valappozhum contact veykkuka,,,,,,dollarukal thannu sahayikkuka....


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